"Unlike any other organization of professionals that I have ever belonged to, the sharing of best practices flows at every point of intersection with another ABPM member. ....be it at a conference, a workshop, a regional meeting, a phone call or a requested visit. I strongly believe that within IBM, our global briefing program has gained knowledge of how to go from "good to great" by the shared knowledge of ABPM members and a greater understanding of the characteristics of a world class program. It is a motivating organization that raises the bar on professionalism for us all."

Rosario Montes-Arena
Manager, IBM Software Executive Briefing Program
Silicon Valley & Worldwide Briefing Program Operations

"The ABPM membership has been a valuable resource for the Sprint briefing program Over the course of the last six years we have attended most if not all the conferences, participated in five multi-client studies, and have presented at various conferences all which have given us opportunities to interact and network with other members. We have been able to learn and inspire others by sharing best practices and continue to do so with every event we attend."


Rose Renz
"I see the benefits of being able to talk to others in our unique field and share best practices. Sometimes I feel like we are on an island being briefing managers; it isn't a well-known profession and without this organization I am not sure how I would be able to reach out to others. Being a relatively new member, I have found the networking extremely valuable."


Sherrie Williams
Director, Executive Visit Centers
Johnson Controls, Inc.

"Whether you’re just starting out or perfecting world class, the ABPM is the single best resource available to briefing professionals. There is no need to reinvent the wheel as chances are someone in the ABPM has “been there, done that” and is willing to share best practices/lessons learned. The knowledge base, camaraderie and drive to elevate the profession are unparalleled. We, as members, are the grateful beneficiaries."


Karen Bintz, 
VP of Customer Experience
BMC Software

"The ABPM fosters world-class standards, collaboration, insight and thought leadership for the briefing program industry. Considered a trusted advisor, the ABPM informs, communicates and inspires our program to achievement. Networking with the ABPM membership gives us a connection to the “centerpiece” of our industry. Without it, we would not be as effective. Thank you ABPM!"


Penne Allen  
Director, Executive Briefing Center

"Being a member of the ABPM has allowed me the opportunity to network with other professionals within the briefing industry. The members have proven to be invaluable resources for our program. And several of our processes and procedures incorporated today came directly from the sharing of best practices by others during an ABPM conference, from the “resource library” section on the website and from the ABPM suppliers. Our program would not be as effective without the guidance and support received from this phenomenal group of briefing professionals."


Nicole Hale,
Manager, Customer Experience Center
Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Houston