"ABPM membership has been a valuable resource for our briefing program. Over the course of the last several years we have attended most if not all the conferences, and have presented at various conferences all of which have given us opportunities to interact and network with other members. We have been able to learn and inspire others by sharing best practices and continue to do so with every event we attend."

Rose Renz
Global Reporting and Operations Lead, Sr. Manager.

“ABPM Membership has connected us with a generous community of briefing professionals and suppliers who share a passion for the profession. In just a short time we've gained knowledge to benchmark our program and identify initiatives to take our program to the next level. Through participation in ABPM conferences, online documents and resources, and networking opportunities, we exit each encounter with actionable insights to improve our briefing operations and the customer experience.“

John Panek
Sr. Manager, Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers
Zebra Technologies

"Prior to starting my role, I had no idea about ABPM, however, since joining they have been an amazing resource. The APBM team have been incredibly welcoming, helpful and professional, as well as the wider ABPM community who are willing to share their experiences and learning (good and bad) with one another. The opportunity to learn from peers is endless, whether that be through joining conferences, listening to podcasts, or having access to process and quality documentation that you can benchmark your Program against. The ABPM are passionate about sharing and adapting to external circumstances and their response to COVID-19 was second to none – helping teams navigate the virtual world in order that we may still deliver a high-quality experience to our customers. I would have no qualms about encouraging people to join this fantastic community."

Jen Anthony  

Customer Engagement Manager. Elekta

“What we do is the best job in the world, it's so diverse and it makes me feel like an entrepreneur within the largest of organisations. Through ABPM we get to strengthen what we do, elevate the role. I go to most of the events because the ABPM network is truly amazing. Everyone is keen on sharing, and everyone is willing to learn.“

Sid van Wijk
Global Head, EBC and CAB Program

“I enjoy staying connected with an amazing community of peers to learn best practices and improve our centers and programs. I've learned so much from so many experts and experienced members and I'm always amazed how collaborative everyone is. The community truly looks after one another.“

Erik Schwedhelm
Manager, Customer Experience Center