CCC: The Elements of Customization Outline

In the “Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program” white paper, the first characteristic in the category of Customer Experience is, “A high level of customization is achieved for each briefing”. That placement is intentional because having a deep understanding of your customer and that customer’s business challenges is essential to a World Class customer experience. Customization starts with a familiarity with the roles and challenges of individual customers participating in the briefing and evolves to an engagement that is tailored to your customers, and to their industry, company, and business needs. It results in rapport, trust, and strengthened business partnerships. There is simply no other element that is as important to the success of a briefing.
Who Should Attend
This workshop will benefit all briefing professionals, including key discussion leaders and facilitators.
Workshop Outline

  • Personalization vs Customization 
  • Customization and “Levels” or lead-times of Briefings 
  • Role of the briefing team in facilitating pre-briefing planning meetings 
  • Aligning your processes to support customization 
  • Preparing Discussion Leaders and Executives for success 
  • The importance of relevance of content as a key factor in building trust 
  • How to customize briefings with limited resources 
Workshop Deliverables
  • ABPM Core Competencies Course (CCC) credit