Using ABPM's Jobs Tool to Find Your Next Team Member

You'll find info below about adding job listings to the website, because the easiest way to find a seasoned briefing professional for your team is to ask seasoned briefing professionals!

First, log in to using your membership username and password, then navigate to the Jobs section of the website.

Select “Post an Opening in your Briefing Program” and begin filling in content using the WYSIWYG editor. You can even add a hyperlink directly to your company's job posting and online application at the top of the Job Description section. Just include a sentence like "Click here to go directly to online application", highlight it, click the button with the link graphic, and paste the link into the URL field.

Add any job requirements, salary information you might want to provide, and the date you'd like the successful applicant to start.

Add your organization's name, city, state and ZIP code information, along with any other information you'd like. Remember, though, items marked with a red asterisk are mandatory!

Then, once you're ready, click “Save.”
Once saved, you'll be returned to the My Jobs Listings page, where you'll see your listing has appeared. It's not live, though, so click “Activate Now.”

There's no cost to members for posting job listings, so click “Continue.”


Now your listing is live and visible to others!

If candidates submit resumes, you'll see the total submitted on the right column, along with links that allow you to modify or delete your listing. You can also see the number of times your listing has been viewed.

If you've filled the position but want to keep the listing available, but hidden, for future use, use the “Expire Now” feature instead of “Delete Listing.”

That's it! You've made a great hire using's #proleveltools and, hopefully, our #proleveltips have been helpful in the process. Congratulations!