The Briefing Value Proposition

We know the value of briefings and briefing programs. You know the value of briefings and briefing programs. It's self-evident, right? Well, it turns out, not everyone does. New Managers, new sales hires, etc. may need some clear and concise information to help them understand quickly. So, to help you answer questions that might arise, ABPM has created a brief overview that explains the value proposition of what you all do so effectively. In this ABPM #proleveltips we'll help you navigate to where it can be found.
First, go to, then navigate to the Resources tab and— you guessed it— locate the Value Propositions sub-tab. Alternatively, click on the big  "Value Propositions" link in the middle of the ABPM home page.

Once on the Value Propositions page, you will find helpful files, in both PDF and Prezi formats, that present the data backing up the internal value of the briefings you conduct. The data is pulled from the most recent report of the "Multi-Client Study on the Role of Executive Briefings", which is annual primary research conducted by an independent research firm with data analysis provided by ABPM.


Want to know the surveyed response to the question “What's the industry close rate following briefings?” or “What's the up-sell potential?” or “What's the loyalty-building opportunity?” It's all there, and the data is updated yearly, so it's always fresh.


Share the files with the influencers within your organization and let the data that backs the value you provide sell itself.