Online Directory Advanced Features

Welcome to ABPM #proleveltips, where we'll walk you through features of the ABPM website that will help you maximize the benefits of your membership.

Today, we're blogging about searching for members by radius or ZIP code, something that can help you make contact with other members when you're traveling to other parts of the country in order to arrange visits or just meet up to socialize!

First, log in to using your membership username and password. This will take you to your profile page. If you're already logged in, navigate to the Resources section of the website.

Next, click the Online Directory, found in the left-hand menu bar.


There, you will find three search types you can perform: U.S. Radius, Basic, and Advanced. For this ABPM #proleveltips, we'll only concern ourselves with U.S. Radius and Advanced.


With U.S. Radius search, you can then enter the ZIP Code of your current location— say, of the hotel you happen to be staying in— or the City and State, indicate how large of a radius you would like to search— maybe a ten mile taxi ride— and hit Submit. The search will return all members, both programs as well as suppliers, within that range. Send whomever you'd like an email introducing yourself as a fellow ABPM member and ask to arrange a tour - always with the understanding that you'd welcome them for a tour of your program in return.


Use Advanced Search if you're traveling— or if you live— outside of the United States. Simply select a particular country from the drop-down menu and input a City name (or leave it blank to return all members in the country regardless of city.) Voila!