Tools for Your Program in's Resource Library

It might not provide the comforting smell of old books, but there's no librarian shushing you, either. Welcome to the ABPM Resource Library, a repository of collected wisdom that might just prevent you from needing to reinvent the wheel. Want to know where it's located? In this ABPM #proleveltips we'll make it easier than navigating a card catalog.

First, log in to using your membership username and password, then navigate to the Resources tab.


That will open a launching page filled with volumes of useful content you can use to solve persistent program problems. For example, navigate to the “Research & Resources” sub-section and give it a “click.”

Have a nagging question about what processes and tools might be useful to implement in your program? We've got you covered. Navigate to the “Processes & Tools” sub-sub-section (we go deep with our content).


Inside “Processes & Tools,” you'll find fifty or so documents covering all manner of subjects, from AV terminology to survey questions, each downloadable with a click.


We hope you'll find it a rich resource for use, and if you have something you'd like to see that's not covered— or have a document of your own you'd like to share for the benefit of all— send us a note. We'd be happy to be your Briefing Librarians!