Virtual Conference Day 2 Logistics


 ABPM 2020 "Spring" Virtual Conference

Tuesday, June 30th Logistics
We hope you enjoyed the first day of the ABPM "Spring" Virtual Conference! You'll find information below that will help day 2 go smoothly for you. 

We hope you've taken time to create your profile, build your own personal agenda, and take a look around the virtual venue. If you haven’t, we encourage you to do that in order to be part of the live sessions. There is a 35 minute video of the Virtual Conference Orientation next to the Help Desk in the virtual venue that will give you a full tour of all the virtual conference so you can take advantage of the virtual venue's many features.

All session times are posted in CENTRAL TIME. Please take a moment to note how those posted times convert to your local time zone so you don’t miss sessions you’d like to attend live. There are two easy ways to do that. Convert Central Time to your local time via this link. Alternatively, the MyABPM app - that hopefully you use between conferences already - has the ABPM “Spring” Virtual Conference listed under Events. If you open the event, you will see session times in your local time zone. You can also choose to add individual sessions to your own device calendar via the app.

Tuesday and Wednesday offer Breakout Sessions focused on topics for briefing professionals in the now and near term. The first set of sessions begin LIVE at 10:00 AM Central Time (we suggest you login at least 15 minutes early to take a look around the virtual venue and find your breakout session room. You can join live sessions one of two ways: Go to the Breakouts area from the Lobby, click on the session you want to join, then click on the screen to enter the session. Alternatively, choose your personal agenda and click ‘join session live’ for the session you’d like to attend. During the session, Session Leaders will share their knowledge and stories and ask you to comment and/or ask questions via the chat panel so the moderator can call on you to be part of the conversation. We’ll want to see your face and hear your voice so come with your webcam on! Though not required, we suggest you download the Zoom app so you can access all session tools. The sessions will be recorded and available on-demand 24 hours after a live session is complete within the conference platform to registrants with credentials through July 31st. Session recordings will not be shared outside of the conference platform.

At 12:00 PM Central Time for Conversations & Networking.You’ll choose a room based on the topics of the two sessions that preceded it in that room. Your moderator will ask session leaders from the first session to share high level points from their presentation and Aha moments from the session’s conversation and then ask session leaders from the second session to do the same. Then slides will come down and we’ll have a gallery view conversation about all that’s been shared. You can choose any Conversations & Networking session you want to attend. It’s not required that you attend the previous sessions in that room – only that you have interest in having conversations around the topics that were in that same room prior to the Conversations & Networking session that day. Conversations & Networking Sessions won’t be recorded.

Wanting even more hang-out time with your fellow ABPM members? At 1:00 pm Central Time: Grab a cup of coffee (or a cocktail if it’s that time where you are) and click on the Coffee Break Kiosk for informal Zoom gallery for casual conversation and catching up with fellow ABPMers. While there, you can relax and have fun with the larger group, or ask the barista to create "a quiet corner," a private "seating area" (a breakout room), in which you and others can hold private conversations.

And Don't Miss..

The Supplier Celebration will be ongoing throughout the conference in the Supplier Celebration exhibit hall! Supplier booths offer valuable information about the suppliers and their solutions. You can request additional information or meetings with them. And don’t forget to play the “Spot the Supplier” game! Collect the letters and solve the anagram to be eligible to win fantastic prizes!
The Center Tour Gallery room features eight member briefing centers — some that we were scheduled to visit in Santa Clara and others in areas that ABPM conferences typically don’t get to. Click on the “Center Gallery” sign to enter. Then simply click on a logo in a frame to view the tour. There are two rooms in the Center Gallery. Click the room signs to travel between rooms.

Post on Instagram and Twitter using #ABPMVirtual throughout the conference and see it appear in the MyABPM event app "Spring" Conference Activity Stream feed. You can post within the MyABPM app as well!

Questions? Please email