European Virtual Conference Logistics


 ABPM 2021 Virtual European Conference

Wednesday, June 30th Logistics

We look forward to welcoming you to the virtual ABPM European Conference tomorrow. You'll find information below that will help the day go smoothly for you. 

We hope you've taken time to create your profile in the virtual conference venue. If you have, simply click here to log in on Wednesday (you'll need your email and the venue pw you created). If you haven’t, we encourage you to do that today so it will be easy to participate in tomorrow's live sessions

All session times in THIS FINAL AGENDA are posted in GMT+1. Please take a moment to note how those posted times convert to your local time zone so you don’t miss sessions you’d like to attend live. You can convert GMT+1 to your local time via this link

  • The virtual venue will open at 08:00 GMT+1 to allow you time to look around. There is a 7-minute video of the Virtual Conference Orientation behind the Info Desk in the virtual venue that will help you fully understand what to expect during the live conference sessions.
  • The Opening General Session begins LIVE at 13:00 GMT+1 in the Center Gallery (we suggest you login at least 10 minutes early to take a look around the venue and find a seat in the Center Gallery room ;). Just click on the screen to join the live session (if you click earlier than 13:00, you'll be placed in a waiting room). You can submit questions to the HPE team about their Virtual Briefing Center Tour or share with other conference participants via the chat field.
  • Following the opening general session, we’ll head to the Breakouts room for three sets of breakout sessions between 14:00 and 17:00.  Simply click the session title on the sign at the appropriate time to join the live session. During breakouts, Session Leaders will share their knowledge and stories and ask you to comment and/or ask questions – we want you be part of the conversation so please plan to come with your camera on! We’ll also suggest you download or update your Zoom application to get the most from the session tools. The opening general session and breakout sessions will be recorded and available from July 2nd through 30th within the conference platform to attendees with credentials.  
  • In between sessions, visit the Common Grounds Café for a break with ABPM’s popular barrista. Then, at 17:00, grab your drink of choice and meet us in the Café for a Cocktail Networking Hour with gallery-style conversations either in large or small groups. Conversations in the Café will not be recorded.

Throughout the Conference...
The Supplier Celebration Hall features digital Supplier booths with clickable informational elements. Click on the various booth icons to learn about how a specific Supplier Member company can support your briefing program and how you can connect with them. There are five rooms in the Supplier Celebration with 24 booths total. There is also a Supplier Directory which lists Suppliers by service category – click on a logo to go directly to their booth. Like the entire conference virtual venue, the Supplier Celebration area will be open through July 30th

Questions? Please email During live conference hours, ABPM team members will be supporting the event and unavailable via emailIf you have trouble logging in to the virtual venue or technical issues, please contact If you have questions during the event, click on the Help balloon at the bottom left of the European Conference venue.