Address: VisitOps
6877 Campau Lake Drive
Alto, MI 49302
Telephone: 616.914.2216
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Who we are: VisitOps is the only full-featured visit/briefing management app built natively on Salesforce. Briefing teams can run and measure their entire program with one app.  VisitOps lets you create visits, manage rooms, build agendas, invite discussion leaders, send surveys, manage content and create beautiful reports and dashboards. We use the power of the Salesforce platform to constantly add innovative features to the VisitOps application. By continually pushing the boundaries, VisitOps helps our customers achieve their business and program goals.
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Services we offer: VisitOps Core Application
  • Data Security – customer data remains safely in their Salesforce organization.
  • Seamless request process for sales – easily launch requests from Accounts, Opportunities and Contact records.
  • Real time data – when Account, Opportunity and Contact information is updated in Salesforce, it updates in VisitOps making it easy to always have the most accurate information at your fingertips.
  • Agenda Builder – build agendas with click and drag, conduct topic searches, invite/track discussion leaders, associate speakers with topics and book multiple rooms per agenda session.
  • Room Management – manage rooms for multiple centers, allocate rooms as unavailable and make rooms public or private.
  • Surveys – pre and post visit customer surveys, post visit AE surveys and discussion leader surveys. Surveys can be auto-scheduled, available on tablets, through the mobile app, printed or sent manually.
  • Reports and Dashboards – powerful report and dashboard builder.
  • Custom Development – our highly-skilled team of developers create unique features and enhancements for our customers.
    • Before the visit - immediate view of additional opportunities that could be influenced before the visit. Use these for strategic conversations with sales reps and add to the visit with a click of a button. Automatically track and measure these through the lifecycle of the opportunities in our new reports and dashboards.
    • After the visit - visibility of opportunities created after the visit for each account. Simply click a button to add these to the visit. Automatically track and measure these through the lifecycle of the opportunities in our new reports and dashboards.
    • Assigning a time zone per visit simplifies everything when it comes to planning virtual or hybrid visits. With the click of a button, you can change the time zone of a visit, reschedule the rooms in the new time zone and send updated invites to discussion leaders, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing errors.
    • Automatically share virtual links and details in the discussion leader invites and visit package.
    • Assign Moderators per visit
    • Track and report on delivery methods (virtual, hybrid, on-site, off-site, etc.)
    • Load, manage and share content per discussion leader and agenda session.
    • New customer facing mobile application available on iOS, Android and web. Contains attendees, profiles, agenda sessions, discussion leaders and bios, surveys and content. Managed fully in the VisitOps application..
Some of our clients: Anthem
GE Healthcare
Hewlett Packard Enterprises
Full client list available upon request.