ACC: Voice of the Customer - Capturing & Leveraging Customer Insights Outline

During WWI, a listening post was a shallow, narrow, often disguised position in advance of the front lines. As the name suggests, it was used to gather intelligence information and monitor enemy activity. Occupants of listening posts were expected to keep a close watch for opportunities to better position the troops and for signs of enemy activity in the vicinity. In the B2B marketplace, the briefing center is uniquely positioned to be the company’s “listening post”. Daily, customers in your centers share their opinions of your company’s brand, products, capabilities, and competencies. They talk about your competition, substitute technologies they are considering, and what value they place on your solutions, platforms and services. Are you listening as effectively as you can? Are you reporting the intelligence back to the correct people in your organization— intelligence, which may shape future solutions development, product maps, and business strategies?
Who Should Attend
Briefing Professionals & facilitators who want to develop or strengthen the ways they capture & disseminate Voice of the Customer information.
Course Outline

  • The Voice of the Customer (VOC) and the “linkage” with the ABPM World Class Characteristics
  • Pre-work survey results
  • The distinction between VOC and customer satisfaction measures
  • Capturing VOC data when: planning the visit; executing the briefing; following up on the visit
  • Case Studies and Techniques for gathering the Voice of the Customer
  • Leveraging B2B Social Media
  • Calculating and communicating the VOC value of your EBC Program
  • Critical success factors and potential pitfalls of VOC for EBCs
Course Deliverables
  • Copy of the presentation slides
  • Post-session e-mail of all the easel notes
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Course (ACC) credit