World Class Briefing Awards

Note: Out of respect and sensitivity to the current workload of ABPM Members who are, rightfully, spending more time than ever laser-focused on what their customers and families need, the ABPM team, after consulting with the ABPM Advisory Board, has decided to pause the Call for World Class Briefing Awards submissions until next year. This was not an easy decision because we want nothing more than to recognize and celebrate your teams. We are committed to doing exactly that at the 2021 Annual Conference in Boston – just in a different way, which seems to be the theme of this exceptional year.

What are the World Class Briefing Awards? 

Through the ABPM World Class Briefing Awards Program, ABPM hopes to raise the level of all member programs toward World Class status. World Class status is judged based upon the "Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs" which were first developed by ABPM's founder, and which have evolved over time as the briefing profession has become ever more strategic. A pdf of the Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs can be downloaded in the ABPM Resource Library here.  Each year submissions are judged by a panel of jurors who have many years of management experience with briefing programs. Jurors are selected based on their strategic experience, deep understanding of the World Class Characteristics, and leadership in the briefing industry.

World Class status is recognized in the following categories:
  • Customer Experience
  • Operations
  • Analytics
  • Management
  • World Class Center
  • World Class Program will be presented to those programs that have demonstrated World Class in each of the 'Characteristics of World Class' categories 
All awards are subject to juror discretion.
Those recognized as World Class in 2022 will be presented with engraved awards at the ABPM Annual Conference Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, and will be recognized in the Briefly... Blog on
Should My Program Enter?
If your team has not yet worked with the Characteristics of World Class for Briefing Programs, we suggest you begin with a benchmarking process. Download the "Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs" document here (sign in first as the document is free to members). Review each category with your team, and rate your program carefully on its strengths with regard to each criterion. Then implement the necessary initiatives to raise your program to “World Class” achievement in one or more categories. 

Once you feel that your program has achieved World Class in a category (a general rule of thumb: the program averages a "5" rating overall), enter in your strongest category and thoroughly document a case that will demonstrate to the jurors that your program has, in fact, achieved World Class in that category. In time, when you believe your program has achieved World Class in each of the four categories, that’s the year to begin the documentation process early, and enter in all four categories in order to be eligible for consideration for the “World Class Program” award!

We recommend all program teams entering for the first time contact the ABPM offices via or +1 214-389-0994 prior to submitting.
2022 World Class Briefing Awards Call for Entries - Program Categories - Coming July 2021 (Auto Download)

2022 Program Categories Submission Template - Coming July 2021 (Auto Download)

2022 World Class Briefing Awards Call for Entries - Center Categories - Coming July 2021 (Auto Download)

Click here to access the "Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs" document

2022 "Momentum Award" Self-Nomination Form Coming July 2021 (Auto Download)

Those programs recognized as World Class in 2020

Click here to download a history of World Class Briefing Awards since 2002

If you have questions about the ABPM World Class Briefing Awardsplease contact us.