CCC: World Class Customer Experience Outline

In this session we will take a deep look into the specific criteria in the World Class category of Customer Experience, reflecting the elements of the briefing day itself. We’ll explore why each of the five characteristics in this category; are important to the customer experience and discuss specific examples of how companies are achieving world class in that category.
Who Should Attend
The Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program is a roadmap to excellence for any program.  This workshop will be of interest for briefing professionals from any program and especially those considering submitting for the World Class awards.
Course Outline

Review of each of the 5 characteristics of Customer Experience. *

  1. A high level of customization is achieved for each briefing.
  2. A comprehensive customer engagement strategy enhances the total customer experience before and during the briefing.
  3. Briefings are facilitated by a trained professional in order to deliver dynamic, interactive, highly customer-centric experiences.
  4. Voice of the Customer (VOC) captured during briefings informs larger corporate VOC initiatives, which may shape solutions development and business strategy.
  5. A program experience strategy delivers an experience of your corporate brand and culture. 
* Discussion of specific examples for benchmarking your program in each characteristic.

Course Deliverables
  • A deeper understanding of this category of World Class.
  • Ideas for how to enhance your program’s Customer Experience.
  • Strategic and tactical examples of World Class Customer Experience.
  • ABPM Core Competencies Course (CCC) credit